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xdr global platform

The most secure solutions for your business

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) continuously ingests and correlates millions of threat signals across your environment, giving you complete attack surface visibility. Patented AI and machine learning eliminate noise, power real-time detection and response, and automatically block over 3M attacks every single day – so experts can focus on your highest priority security events.

XDR Cloud Platform

There are 12,000+ indicators recognized across the XDR platform and add about 400 on average every day.

Protects your assets against malicious IOCs and IPs

Real time 24/7 SOC


Cloud-Native Architecture

Scalable, distributed platform ingests & analyzes massive amounts of data from signals across an expansive customer base

Proprietary - Machine Learing

Adaptive Machine Learning & AI models eliminate noise, & provide real-time detection of threats, including zero-day attacks

Extensive Response Capabilities

Implement threat-specific containment measures in seconds at the network, endpoint, cloud & identity levels

Commercial Threat Intelligence

24/7 visibility into a global customer base combined with proactive threat hunting, open source intelligence & commercial threat feeds

The world’s most advanced XDR platform

Cloud Native Platform

Monitor your entire attack surface

Check out the XDR Global difference

Artificial Intelligence for threat hunting pattern recognition, applied at scale to deliver Security Network Effects to all of our customers.

Architected XDR from the ground up with the singular purpose of enabling the industry’s most effective Managed Detection and Response service. XDR provides security, reliability and redundancy at scale and on demand, so our services can grow with your business.

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Ascenda™, global thought leaders in total experience technologies, announced today that it has acquired, a holistic cybersecurity detection & response consulting firm, to expand its portfolio of security solutions and enhance its capabilities in the cybersecurity space.
What Is Extended Detection & Response (XDR)
XDR provides next generation detection and response capabilities, extending the enhanced visibility and threat containment functionality that NDR and EDR offer across the entirety of the IT ecosystem.
6 Ways XDR is More Secure Than MDR
Here are some key facts about XDR’s core capabilities, and 6 ways it’s more secure than MDR

Get ahead of emerging cyber risks & proactively protect your business.

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