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About Us

We’re a holistic cybersecurity team focused on XDR

Let's dive Deeper

XDR is the foundation
of effective MDR

Let do the heavy lifting for you. XDR never rests; it powers the MDR service, adding efficiency and value to your security operation by automatically blocking 3M attacks each day, without even notifying the SOC or your team. XDR cuts the noise, letting experts focus on high priority security events.
Intuitive Insights

Enabling the cybersecurity experts

Machines are extremely capable when it comes to processing vast quantities of data and correlating signals to spot anomalous events, but that’s only part of what it takes to keep your business secure.
Daily Signals Ingested
XDR filters out high fidelity threats, recognizing malicious IOCs and IPs that can be automatically disrupted and contained
Daily Escalations
Elite Threat Hunters spend their time on higher priority security events
Insight Portal Dashboard

Keeping your team always up to date and informed


Explore your threat timeline, including all the actions taken by XDR to protect your business. Quickly find and explore threat advisories.


Dive into specific details for any security incidents and policy-related notifications. Compare your threat coverage against industry peers and global trends

Get ahead of emerging cyber risks & proactively protect your business.

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    The Difference

    Automated Detections
    Artificial Intelligence
    Machine Learning
    Security Network
    Continuously Improved

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